Fed Up, Break Free, Have Courage

The Journey That is Life.

Often we can get fed up with ourselves, our own lack of courage, with a situation that we may feel we don’t know how to move along.  If we are fed up, then there is only one answer.  

No one can change things except up, no one can turn a situation around except us, we have to push through all the fears, inner blocks, external blocks, take authority and control to not only say “enough”, but take action so enough become “I am free”.   Sometimes there are others involved that seem to be holding us back or up from moving forward, but really that is not true.  If we truly want to move forward with something, we will find a way, will find the courage to move ahead, to break down the walls, barriers, to speed up, constructively what needs speeding up, so we don’t have to be fed up any longer.  Only we can make that happen, take control, and decide enough means now we take action, now we move forward, no more of this, time to set myself free.   This may mean we have to ruffle some feathers, get tough, be a bit selfish, but that is okay sometimes.  Being fed up over and over again and for any length of time to where it stresses us, might even affect our wellness is not an option.  Being fed up is not okay, and is not any way to be living life.  Figure out the root of what has you fed up and if that is your inability to get past your own fears, then figure out how to just run towards that which you want to embrace hold your breath and jump.  Figure out who is going to have your back, enlist their help if you have to, but decide Fed Up is no longer an option, only Break Free and Move Forward are options, meditate and pray for a short while if you have to, but get over whatever crap you have to, whatever fears you have to, push forward whatever process you have to, including legal process, healing process and put an end to FED UP.  

That is not an option, decide it is not an option, no way, no how.  Being a passive observer of life, waiting for life to happen to you, for things to come to you, not making them happen is not an option, that is not living, that is not being an active participant of life, or in life.   If you are going to be a grown up, active participant in life, then no more FED UP, move the tukkus, get off the fence, no excuses, and if there are openings go through those doors, push things forward and make life happen for you, make those dreams happen for you, don’t wait for stuff to come to you, not even love, you go to that open door and sing your heart out.  Sitting back watching life pass you by and not being active, proactive to make life and true love a part of your life, not an option.  It all can be done constructively, courageously, the courage can be found, but one has to stand in front of the mirror if you have to and say “FED UP, not an option!! I am going to make life happen, now!!”  Then constructively, swiftly, wisely, make it happen.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen