Fibrofatigue and Moving Forward

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One of the worst aspects of Fibromyalgia is fatigue, constant fatigue and it can wear you down if you let it.  How do you not let it wear you down to where you just give up on everything?

For me it’s a few things.  One thing that keeps me going is the connection I have to others, as those connections inspire me, and that includes my spiritual connection to the creator.  Connection I am realizing is an important thing, to people, to nature, to the creator.  These connections inspire and motivate you to move forward in spite of the fibrofog or fibrofatigue.  Yes, you may crash after a few days and that’s okay.  These connections really are a crucial part of moving forward when you have a syndrome and one that creates constant fatigue.  Some fibromyalgia patients end up in deep depression because they can’t do the things they used to do, so they give up, retreat from life.   I am too stubborn for that, just ask my mom about my stubborn and warrior streak, she knows. Doesn’t mean I don’t have moments where I feel like I want to cry because I can’t do as much as I used to being an avid walker and all, but I won’t just retreat from life.  It is that fighter spirit, not fearing to jump off the cliff in a sense that has helped me a great deal. As I work with the spiritual, vibration meditations and move to make synagogue a regular part of my life, and Kabbalah philosophy a part of my life, while still keeping to my core beliefs on social issues and such, this all helps me to move past the fatigue.  Then of course there is the music, and upon having my own space, which I have faith and believe I shall ASAP, I will spend a good part of my day in creative mode, composing, writing, really working with music, and spiritual elements, connecting more to nature.  In terms of the connections, it’s important to have connections that are going to lift you up, encourage, inspire, but also realize the boundaries and limits you have because of the Fibromyalgia.  That is an important part of it, pacing yourself and also having people who understand what is going on with you, and are there to encourage you to move forward in spite of the constant fatigue etc…I am working on changing my diet, something that is not always fun, eliminating caffeine, chocolate and I am aiming to really get on as healthy a diet as I can over the next few months, as well as join the health club in my coop complex.    At this time, the spiritual and people connections, the music, writing are all very important in helping me to move forward and get through each day with the fibromyalgia.  In life there are always things to navigate, but how you navigate them is what matters, and with fibromyalgia there can be a lot to navigate, but you have to find anchors that will motivate you to move forward and onward each day, constructive things.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen