Fibromyalgia and the Battle Within

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Right now I am on 900 mcg of gabapentin and topomax 75 mcg, and get shots periodically to help with the pain, joints, the overall everyday pain and discomfort that Fibro brings.  However, I am starting to once again feel the overall joint pains and discomfort after it has calmed down for a bit.  For some of us, there is the strict diet due to issues arising from the Fibro, so finding the roods that are gluten free and sticking to a very strict diet, not fun.  It’s tiring, but what also happens is a battle with yourself.  You are in a war with our own body, and it’s very tiring.  Depression is easy to fall into, even chronic depression, so one truly has to have faith, some kind of grounding and something that helps you to move past it, not give up on yourself and life. I think this says it well.

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Whether it’s clothing, which is a whole other annoying thing, pure cotton and soft cotton and silk, spongy silk like material are the only materials often we will tolerate, or even skin care, which requires the purest of ingredients etc.., it’s tiring, annoying and expensive, if you also have to take expensive supplements.  I could just give up, stay in bed all day, and whiter away, but I won’t do that, and if I crash during the day on the couch as I am watching TV, well it is what it is.  I refuse to be totally sidelined by the syndrome and I think personality, and all that has a lot to do with how we handle these things.  I am naturally stubborn and a bit of a rebel, so I refuse to let this define me.  I manage it, move through it, pain and all, but I won’t let it define me.   What defines me is my faith, are my gifts and talents