Figured Out Paul-Peter Thinng

The Journey That is Life.

I have always wondered what the core issue was with Paul and Peter, what Paul was so annoyed about, what the core difference was between the two.  I finally I think figured it out.  

Paul I think saw Jesus as a new Adam that had come forward to try and achieve, which was an end to hypocrisy within Judaism itself with the separation of the elite from the rest, and end to separation of Jew and Gentile, to bring forth the grafting spoken of in the Pentateuch.  Paul took his authority from his profound spiritual experience and encounter, which the elite followers did not look kindly upon.  He was the outsider, so they did all they could to discredit him and particularly since he called them out all their crap, my kind of guy, had guts and spunk.  Sound familiar to anyone in this election cycle?   Peter was not so courageous and I think that cowardice of a sorts annoyed Paul at times, which would have annoyed me as well I think.  Remember with the walking on water how he then got scared, how he denied Jesus and he was not willing to be seen by the elite in mixed company and was trying to play both sides kind of.  Paul was not having it and he stood up to Peter and reminded him that the new Adam Jesus had reminded everyone that the New Covenant was written in the heart and so the Torah was no longer law and obligation, and for the convert was a matter of choice, as was acceptance of the one true God.  

Paul hated hypocrisy, not soul searching, theological soul searching, discerning that he was fine with, open discussion and theological debate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  What  he could not abide was kissing up to the elite to look good and being a yes man just to look good or climb the ladder, that pissed him off royally, again, my kind of guy.  He challenged people when they needed to be challenged, gave them a kick in the rear when they needed it, so I identify with Paul in that regard I guess.  Some Jews resented Paul, especially as they feel he is rejecting the Torah and basically spitting on it, but that may not really be the case.  He may have been seeing things from a more profound metaphysical, spiritual perspective than a legalistic and ritualistic perspective, much like Jesus did.  It might just be a different perspective and when instructions for how the new management is to be implemented is given and a unified theology of sorts, it might again be perspective, the perspective of seeking to create cohesion among Jew and Gentile, as well as Jews themselves without elitism.  Just something to think about, something that came to me as I make my journey of discernment.  

Shalom and Amen