$ Goals October-December

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Financial Goal October-December


There should be financial goals I’d like to achieve, but if I make them too lofty and then don’t achieve them, well then I will feel horrible, so I want to make them reasonable.  Here goes.

1. Funds to get the WordPress pro blog with full media and e-commerce capacity, so I can offer my songs and meditations by donation

2. Funds to rent soundproof space three days a month and record as new material to offer, including Christmas pieces

3. Set up to receive funds online


These are the main things I am looking to get done and have funds for ASAP and my estimate is $900-$1,000.

3. Settle my credit card debt at 60% and never use credit in my life again.


I am not looking for great fame and fortune, but I do wish to produce quality material and for that I do have to create a quality secure blog site and quality material to offer you.  I hope that if you feel what I do offer has been of help and has the potential to grow and be much more that you will support this blog with whatever you can.

Thank you, Shalom and Amen