First Buddhist Healing Circle


I participated in my first Buddhist healing circle yesterday, which discussed Pain vs Suffering and of course in Western culture, we make them one and the same, but in Buddhist Darma, they are not.  A great analogy was given of We are the Sky and Everything Else is the Weather. 

The sky is always the sky, it is this vast canvass of stars etc.., it’s fixed, the sky is always there, we look up there it is, here we are, this body, spirit and soul, this being.  Everything that happens within us, around us aimed at us is the seasons, the weather, the planets, stars doing their thing.  How it is.  When we have clouds that signal rain etc.. or when it is raining etc.. we can ignore it, get really angry, go out into the rain etc..anyway no umbrella, no boots nothing, just pretend it’s warm and sunny and ignore what is.  That’s foolish, not very healthy either.  On the other hand, you can’t lock yourself in all winter terrified of the weather or possible meteorites or whatever.  What do you do?  You surrender, surrender to the fact that we have seasons, we have rain, snow all of that and you adapt, adjust your life, lifestyle seasonally accordingly.  Same with illness, loss of loved ones,  different difficult situations, not to say you make light of it, you don’t get angry and all that.  Rather than running around like a lunatic trying to get it all fixed overnight, stay with the pain, anxiety, anger etc.. in that moment, acknowledge it, accept it, process it, and ask it “Constructively, what do you need?”  Sitting with that, having that acknowledgement, processing, acceptance etc.. of this is where things are at, even if they suck, is an important part of the long term healing process, and acknowledging that we are mortal, not immortal, to appreciate what we have, even when things change, we feel things are taken from us.  It was a positive experience and I will be participating in more of Jeff Rubins online and in person healing circles.

Namaste, Shalom, and Amen