Fixing The World, Huh?

Widing Road

I came across  quotes by Einstein  W. Somerset Maougham and Mollier that caught my attention.  Einstein said that the universe and human stupidity had no limits, while Somerset spoke of his opinion of humanity in a nutshell being the heart in the right place but the head a thoroughly inefficient organ, and considering how foolishly they act and pleasantly they prattle, maybe it would be better if they prattle more, and did less, while Mollier said that there is no greater folly than trying to fix the world.  They really intertwine, don’t they.

The first thing I thought about was the whole heart and mind thing, faith and reason, spirituality and reason.  We often have this notion that we have have one or the other exclusively as the bass for life and decision making, which is moronic really. Our love for another should inform us in a sense along with reason, wanting what is in their best interest and well being to make the right choice and decision, as well as what is best for our own well being, and if we have a balance between heart and mind, we can even if it’s not the easiest thing to do.  There are times when we want to run in and fix things for others, for the kids, grandkids, spouse, friends etc.., even our country, and yet in trying to fix things, we might end up actually hurting, and lessons, very valuable ones that need learning may never be learned, important understanding about self and life may never be gained, responsibility never taken.  Trying to fix things, making everything perfect and perfectly equal, free of offense is not really helping anyone, but perhaps hurts everyone in the end.  When the parent of an addict gives a haven and money etc…because they “love their kid”, they think  they are helping them, the heart might be in the right place, but the brain is not functioning and they are not helping, they are enabling, very different.  Things like turning a blind eye to destructive behavior all that jazz is not helping the person, just the opposite and if others see that in us, and they don’t speak up, out, they are doing us no favors.    Even when it comes to the environment the zeal to save the planet often does not take into account how these massive regulations and land grabs etc.. hurt the economy, average person, or even land owners.  When government says to farmers you have to control your cows’ gas output, you are getting into biazzro land, that’s a natural function of nature.  If you start mandating how much space per animal for all farmers, again heart is in the right place for the animals, but what about the economics to the farmers, small farmers, the hugs subsidies we would have to give to farmers to sustain that, the impact it would have on the overall economy? Same if you said that vegetable gardens had to all be landscaped a certain way, only certain amount of crops grown per acre.    I hope that before we rush in to fix anything, before we decide to go and try and fix things solely based on the heart, on emotions, we step back and also use reason, and tacts, solid facts.  We all need to learn to do this.

Shalom and Amen