Free Spirit, So Rerecording Stuff

Inspiration Peace and Love

As my spirit and soul get lighter, as I throw off any fears, “demons” and we all have them, and as I embrace the inspiration that came from an encounter through song, and a smile, a deep connection created in an instant on a deep psychic and spiritual level, I am able to record more freely without holding back more and more. 

I realize that if I am going to go outside the box, really begin a new life as I wish, that means I have to “face the demons”, the fears etc.. and exorcise them.  Others can help us by believing in us etc.., but ultimately we are the ones that have to take deep breath and decide to take control of our lives, our dreams and constructively embrace the new, leaving behind, harm to none to the best of our abilities, what has to be left behind for that to happen.  I am so grateful for this particular connection that crossed my path and though we are not in each other life creatively ect… fully as I think would really ‘rock” as they say, with sincere friendship always as the base and foundation, I am grateful for the connection, whatever we can inspire in each other.  With the connection being as strong as it is, it does feel like a friendship already solidly formed, even if only in our spirit, and on the astral and metaphysical plane at this time.  That and the inspiration that brings to me is a gift I cherish. 

Namste, Shalom and Amen