From The Heart=Pure

Inspiration Peace and Love

When I reach out and do so from the heart, when I speak from the heart, when I accept from the heart, even what another has extended from the heart, acknowledge and embrace it, there is no reason to feel guilt.  

When it is inspiration for one’s life, wings to fly to leave behind what no longer functions so on and so forth, and it all truly is given and received with pure intent, from the heart, with faith, confidence, trust, as I give and share with certain people I feel deeply connected to and who are transitioning out of the old into the new, I have nothing but joy in sharing what I share.  If they choose to ignore that, not reach back and not embrace that in return, that is their choice, and it is fine with me.  There are plenty of inspirations to be found in life and others waiting who I am sure would love to inspire me on a day to day basis.  I have reached out with sincerely, from the heart, in true friendship, with every psychic instinct willing to be there as the transition from the old life into a new one, to have their back, but if they are going to be crippled by guilt and all that crap, which makes no sense as there is nothing put pure Agape and friendship extended at this point, as well as gratitude for having been a great inspiration to me in my life, I have no patience for that nonsense.  

What do I do with the latest response of silence?  I don’t get upset or take it personally, that’s for sure.  I simply move forward, seek other inspiration, let this cord of inspiration go, release it, ask the heavens for different inspiration.  I went with my Hadassah colleague and friend to the Museum of Jewish Heritage Wednesday and being at one of the temporary exhibits within seconds I had inspiration for what to write on our flyer, so I am sure I will find other inspiration and that someone else will come along to connect heart, spirit, soul to inspire me to the depth that this person did, if that is possible.  If for some reason, their spirit, soul continues to psychically connect and inspire, though they themselves choose, as it is all about choice, to stay on a guilt trip while wrapping up the old to transition to the new, okay.  I choose not to be affected by their silence or lack of response to my reaching out, that is my choice and to seek, ask for another inspiration if they can not get past their “guilt trip” and all that.  That and liberal progressive mindset in a life partner are two thing I have little patience for in all honesty.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen