Frustrating About Intuitive and Such

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

This picture sums it up pretty well what being an intuitive can be like.  What do I mean?  

When you are an intuitive, when the Spirit speaks to you and you see potential in connections, situations etc.. or when you sense what is going on, what needs to happen, and when you sense situations that need changing and how they can be changed, and try to do something about it, reach out in that context, you hope for the best outcome.  However, when you either gets smacked down or you realize that the other person/s don’t see what you are able to see, the potential, can’t see that their lives need to be decluttered or whatever, more focused, streamlined, stuff fused into one, you feel like you are in front of graveyard and even like you are banging your head against the wall.  You want to walk away maybe, but at the same time your intuition and the Spirit say no because you see, feel the potential, or whatever it is you feel very strongly that you just can’t shake and are led to keep reaching out and planning with ideas.  You get to where you start to feel like why should you ever bother caring about what your intuition says, or even care if a situation, connection realizes its’ full potential.  You can get to where you figure why bother with humans, as they are just more heartache and headache than they are worth and when you are an highly sensitive intuitive you can get that point, once in a while, but you can get to it.  Yesterday I had one of those day and that mood still lingering a bit today, just a bit.  I also think why the heck did I get the gift of intuitive and empath even?  Then I remember that the intuitive and empath gifts have given me some great stuff artistically and that even though being intuitive etc… has a lot of these moments, it also does give me great artistic moments.  Oy, Mamma Mia!   It is a gift, but not always a fun one.