Garden Is The Best Metaphor



When we make a connection to something, even to a person, it is a seed planted, but that’s all it is, a seed placed in the soil. What comes to mind in response to that is “big whoop, so what?”

Life has taught me sadly to have that reaction.  I would like to have a very different reaction, but like a garden, such as the beautiful one you see here everything in life, in order for anything that matters, with great potential to become like this amazing garden has to be, have great landscaping.  Then it has to be nurtured regularly, on a day to day basis, fed and that way you get this beautiful garden.  Relationships whether personal or professional, career dreams, same idea.  Even a professional relationship has to be nurtured on a daily basis through a solid friendship to create this kind of really great fertile garden, particularly in certain fields I think a solid friendship can make all the difference, real continuous flow of communication about not just the professional stuff, a whole array of stuff.  If you are working on a dream you want to realize for your career, your family, for yourself, always with the adage Harm To None, you still have to give it a solid landscape and nurturing.  What happens if that is not forthcoming, then what, if you don’t see others able to create the landscaping, nurturing, laser focusing etc…?  What do you do then?  What do you do if you don’t see that solid base being formed, the landscaping being done by the other party, or when you realize you have been chasing your own tail because you have not really done the landscaping and nurturing for your own dreams etc… in the most efficient and effective way? 

You  could go off and have a tantrum, throw in the towel, very tempting to do so, believe me.  That really isn’t very grown up is it?  On the other hand without any landscaping or nurturing of the dream, the seed, relationship etc.., not going to get anywhere, worse just keep running around like a chicken without a head as the saying goes.  Hmmmm, conundrum is it not?  Well, this artist has her own solution.  First, meditation and prayer, every morning, every evening.  second, from the wisdom gained from that insight take concrete action to move ahead with my dreams in increments, steps I can do, not overwhelm myself, not run around like a fragmented diamond with many faces all over town, and third, keep moving forward, keep meditating, praying and nurturing on my end as per wisdom given in prayer and meditation.  That may mean I am prompted to release certain things, that’s fine.  What I can’t do is make anyone else nurture the project, the connection, relationship, the anything, all I can do is what I do in terms of my own seed planting, garden nurturing and pray for the garden to grow, bloom, that’s all I can do.