Garden of Eden, WTH Happened?

As Jews and Christians read the story, they have a different take on it, and as I have made my spiritual journey and realized where I am in tune and with which philosophy path I am in tune with most, I find the Jewish Cabalistic understanding of it very much in tune with  what makes sense to me, so I wanted to share this  with you and then give my own commentary on it as well, building on the previous posts I have written.


We have seasons, we have different terrains, and an equator so that when in certain areas it is summer in other areas it is winter.  We love, we get angry etc…and even foots have a variety of tastes, sweet, bitter, sour and in between.  If you build a building etc… without right foundations, knowledge, if you use the cement mix before it has fully mixed, or you don’t knead the dough enough and try to make the bread etc…, it won’t be right. If you make decisions based on the ego, on rage, hatred, on wrong knowledge including historical, you create chaos.  It isn’t that God doesn’t want us to have a full life rich with experiences, or have love etc.., but we have to have the true understanding of what love is, and it isn’t being told what you want to hear all the time, it isn’t sex, it isn’t being given everything you want.  Everything is good, even anger when it is right anger for the right reasons based on right info, right history etc… and when there is constructive action to resolve the anger and bring really good positive change somehow even if not immediate, but to work towards that. to educate perhaps.  Life is all about terrain, seasons, navigation, attitude, decisions, choices and being happy taking full responsibility for the choices and even the backlash that comes with that, so long as you made the choice out of the heart, spirit and soul in alignment with all levels of self and consciousness in alignment and agreement, not out of ego.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen