Genesis, Life and Art

Genesis I and II, Life and Art


 As I read Genesis now, from the point of view of my authentic pure spiritual, artistic,. and metaphysical self I see it in a whole new and wonderful light, still clear on sacred precepts of natural order etc…

The Seven Days of Creation have a correspondence to the creative processes, which begins in stillness, with void, something that needs filling.  Then you have light, a sense of what it is that is missing and then in stages things take shape.   You have the separation of the conscious from the subconscious, which is where a lot of the creative happens, including in the dream stage.  If you think about it, the day is when we are conscious of ourselves and others on a superficial level, but in the night in sleep is when all the hidden etc… is worked out and often where we get a lot of the creative ideas that come up.  Those of us that are artistic, intuitive even, often get much of our insight through the dream state.  Then there is the firmament, the mind where the seeds are planed and if the wrong seeds are planted well you can get some really dark art and it can bring very unhealthy stuff into society, violence, masochism and all that junk.   Then there is a gathering together of the water in one place, synergy, alignment, the body being brought under the discipline of the mind for the greater good. God saw that it was good.  The earth is the physical body and the seas represent the potential of all the unformed and unexpressed thoughts of humanity as a collective.  What we fail, and I forget this myself all too often is that we add to the collective of expressed and unexpressed thought etc… and this has real consequence, that Words are energy and have power, for they create and are seeds.

Then we have the creation of mankind, the most complex of creation, as man had the capacity to evolve to a level that other forms of creation did not, thus IMAGO DEI in way that was unique, with unique stewardship privileges and responsibilities.  Life was breathed into man, now breath and the nostrils are significant here from a creative and artistic viewpoint because if you study voice, acting one of the main things you are taught is breath, how to work with proper breathing techniques.  Breath is crucial to the creative process, and if we cease to breathe, we cease to live.   Man was placed in Eden, representing our consciousness,the endless possibilities to live, act for not only our own happiness, joy etc.., also the greater good in all things.  Also, if you think about it, artists are always seeking an Eden to be able to connect to that creative energy and their authenticity as an artist.  You then have this tree of knowledge of good and evil, the link between heaven and hell, between being a slave to selfishness, greed, bitterness, unhappiness, unforgiveness etc… and acting without restraint, wisdom etc… because that will bring chaos. 

Yes, Elohim wants us to be happy, and live a life of bliss etc…, but that must always be done in the context of wisdom, true love, sacred passion, great spiritual discernment, and even our art must always be created etc… with wisdom as to how it will impact each generation and generations to come for good or evil, for the greater good always consciously and subconsciously.  That is the full creative process we learn in Genesis 1 and 2.

Shalom and Amen