Get Face Out of Hands!

mourning us

In life when things are not how we would like them to be, we have options, yes options. Believe it or not, there are several.  

One option is to play stupid, pretend a situation is other than what it truly is, find a false boogeyman and refuse to accept the truth of what it is and that it has to change, has to end, what the root true reasons for that are, so you can learn from it.  That’s option number one.  Another option is to just play stupid, close off all ability to feel, to be connected, function like a robot, get basic animal needs, survival needs met, but continue in a situation that is a dead end, walk around pretending you are alive, but truly you are just a robot, heart etc.. closed off and you fearful that if you should change things etc.. and then open up your heart, or even do so while making changes, the shock would too much for you.  Third option is to go stupid ballistic and handle it frankly immaturely and very stupidly in any number of ways, including with violence.  Do any of these sound healthy, good to you in any friggin way?  Just saying.  None of these options really are very appealing it seems to me.  What other option is there, other than to sit there head in your hands wailing and moaning, all tortured, or numb walking around like a zombie, a robot or alternating between these options?  

There is the let’s go for the brass ring option.  This option says I open up all my centers including heart and I face the truth of what I feel, of the situation, I take full charge, see what changes have to be made, speak the feelings and truths I have to speak, that are in my heart etc… good, not good, maybe even a bit ugly, but without bitterness or anger, shouts, but in a way that gets it all across and out.  If I have feelings of the heart, of caring for someone that I want to share and a tough situation I am trying to resolve, I talk to them and move heaven and earth, with swift authority and efficiency to do so.  I identify what has to be said, done etc… and constructively, but without delay, without excuses, without sitting around pitiful, and in pity for myself like child, I take a deep breath, identify what has to be said, constructively, to be done, constructively and with great speed, efficiency, open heart etc…, being very clear and concise, I get it done.  I meditate for a while deeply each day for three days perhaps to know exactly the decisions to take, moves to make, words to speak, ask the angels to open up every part of me consciousness, my heart to speak, decide with an open heart, even to have the courage to cut cords that have to cut, and do so clean and fast, and in full, no looking back.  

These are our options in life for tough situations, but sitting around head in our hands, feeling all pitiful, acting pitiful is not ever an option, should never be an option.  Tears, to cleanse us and detox for what we had to release, what “died”, okay, but not to where we do nothing but that, so that nothing is done, or spoken.  That is never, never, never an option!!!  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen