Getting Out Of “Fed Up”


When we feel fed up with our current state and life there are stages to getting out of it I am realizing and they are not always easy because realize it or not humans are creatures of habit and not necessarily good habit.  

How do you start with getting out of “Fed Up”?  You first figure out what the heck it is that has you fed up and how you might actually be getting in your own way, be your own obstacle by clinging to stuff, people situations you ought to not be clinging to because they represent a security blanket and what you know, all you know, have always known.  Just because something is all you know does not mean it is where you are supposed to be forever.  It is up to each of us to make the journey and know when fed up means time to make changes, maybe major changes in our lives, our relationships, spiritual path, behaviors, viewpoint.  It might be painful at first, even or us, but if we want to get out of fed up, we have to find a way to make changes.  First understanding what is keeping us fed up and how we contribute to it ourselves is crucial.  Then we can get out of it.  How do we get out of it?  If someone offers us a life raft, a rope to climb out of the “fed up” waters we are drowning in or ditch we are in, we wise up and take it, we run with in swim with it, fly with it and as powerfully and as focused a manner as we can with as little damage in our path as possible, including to ourselves.  We don’t just stare at the lifeboat etc.. offered, the opportunity offered to change our lives, to go to a more authentic life, to fulfill our dreams, full potential, be miserable, fed up etc.. hoping somehow by some magic wand if we just pray enough it will just magically fall on our laps and walla all will magically change.  We are co-creators with Adonai in this world, and we must work with him to co-create our lives, and get out of “Fed Up”.  

If you find yourself in the ocean or ditch of “Fed Up” find a life boat, a rope or someone offers it, and grab it for dear life and get the hell out of that ocean, of that ditch, get over being shy, uncertain, scared whatever the hell you have to get over and move from fed up to something very different.  Ultimately, you are co-creator with the creator, so co-create, have the courage, have the guts.  I say this for all of us, me included, whether in love, in vocation, in spiritual path, have the guts to co-create, prayerfully but actively and proactively.

Shalom and Amen