Getting Stung, By Those Closest

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With any Chronic health issue, such as Fibromyalgia, doctors and tests, monitoring become part of the routine, not fun, but part of the routine.  Here’s the thing, with CFS, Fibromyalgia, some Chronic issues you can look just fine on the outside, while your insides feel like hell, you feel like hell.  Unless people are going through that situation, they really don’t get it, and they can say stuff that really stings.  Today I was getting a heart monitor, 24 hour one, to check on my sinus tachycardia, something my doctor does periodically.  A family member tells my mom that she never met anyone who likes going to doctors as much as I do, as if I go because it’s a joy ride for me.  I am sure I am not the only one who gets snide remarks or who has those closest to them get remarks from friends, family about them of this type.  I could get into a frenzy about it, let it derail me and all that, but I won’t. I have a life to live, things to do, a plan to reclaim my life and no snide remarks etc.. is going to mess with that.  I won’t pretend it doesn’t hurt to hear those remarks, especially from those who are supposed to love you, be blood, and care about you.  I have learned that often blood connections are not all that kind, those not connected my blood can be more understanding of where you are out than those connected to you by blood. That’s life and you work with the cards you are dealt.