Ghosts Come in Different Forms

Transforms Her Dark Light

A few weeks ago I went to have some medical records and saw someone who there was from the first encounter this spark this natural flow of energy, and then every time we would see each other this natural banter.  I knew he was “it”, but it never went anywhere beyond bantering, smiles and joking. It was very sweet.  Last night my fibormyalgia pain because of the weather  was kicking up a storm, the pain was pretty intense in my legs and my hands, but in spite of the pain, a friendly ghost made their way through the scene, yup the memories of this connection, of our bantering, that sweet connection.  I focused on that and on God, on Yeshua how much he loved God, how he was willing to give up his life, even if you put aside the Messiah context, to do so because he wanted an end to the bureaucratic crap that was keeping the people from being close to God, close to forgiveness and healing.  Even if just on a metaphysical scale, it’s still something, that he was willing to lay down his life for his fellow man for their ability to have closeness with God, not be under the elitist bureaucracy that plagued religion.  Those two things, really helped me through the pain.  We often think that Ghosts have to be negative, but they can also be sweet, comforting, and for me remembering this connection, the sweet element of it is a positive ghost, a comforting one, even if it never went beyond the bantering, though it had lots of potential to go the distance.  Still, it’s a nice memory, and brings comfort, as does thinking of Rebbe Yeshua.

Shalom and Amen