Gifts Not In a Box, What I Want

Inspiration and Love

As Christmas Eve and Day approach and the the New Year, I am making my list of gifts I wish for and they don’t come in a box.  What am I wishing for?

First, I am thankful for certain gifts already in my life, such as great people that have been a part of my life for a good chunk of it and that I am doing what I love.  What other gifts am I looking for?  I would like to see certain connections get over any fears etc… they have and be able to reach out, connect, communicate, build upon the connection to create an amazing life long friendship, and wherever else it might go.  That would be a lovely holiday/New year gift.  I would also like to earn my daily bread through the arts, through my heritage and culture, including the faith community it is connected to. It would be great to have my gifts grow and expand as an artist, orator and such. I would love for people to stop looking at things based on race and all that and simply think about what is for the greater good of all in this country and follow truly the Constittuion and BIll of Rights with dignity, with calm and peaceful means always, honoring conscience of the faith community even in business.  I would like to see snowflakes stop being snowflakes, including professors and educators.  I would like to see America lead in economics in all things very wisely.  

These gifts don’t come wrapped ip n a box with a bow on top.  However they are gifts I hope and pray, meditate on to receive this holiday.  I will keep praying and meditating on them even after the holiday.  I won’t give up on wanting these gifts and seeking to bring them into my life.  I realize they may not come in a way I think they should, etc… but I will keep faith that they will come.