Giving Thanks, All Encompassing


Inspiration Peace and Love

As this Thanksgiving Day has arrived, there are some things that are not yet in my life that I wish were, and other things that have begun taking shape already most beautifully.  I could see the glass one of two ways, and I could also limit things to my little world. I realize that I need to go beyond that.  

What is this Thanksgiving about for me?  It is about being grateful for the opportunity to for example be writing this blog for you, though my body feels very much like it wants to crash today, but as it is Thanksgiving I am not giving in to that feeling.  I will likely at some point have to, but until I absolutely can not fight it anymore I am going to try and enjoy and savor the day.  I am going to be grateful for the opportunity to write a poem hopefully at some point today, perhaps based on one of the psalms, to enjoy my mom’s yummy cooking.  I am also going to be grateful for the representative democracy we have, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, even if we have those who do not have the decency to do so, who do not understand the Bill of Rights, including Freedom of, not from Religion from in this land.  I am going to be grateful for a police force in NY that is top notch, a military that guards liberty across the globe literally at the expense of life and limb.  I am going to be grateful for the Italian culture I grew up with, so rich, including the beautiful language, and the faith, even if I don’t agree with all the theology, but still, it has its’ beauty and I do agree with the core social teachings.  I am going to be very grateful for my virtual family of a number of years, whom I hope to meet face to face some day soon.  I am going to be very grateful for the wonderful friends of many years in my life such as Kim and for the opportunities in my life to be an artist, to share my artistic gifts.  For all these things, I am going to be grateful.   

I am also going to be grateful for the Fibromyalgia, for the tears I have shed in life that made me stronger, for times I had to fight to just get out of bed to face the day when the fibro had put through really bad nights.  My faith and stubborn personality would not make me just curl up in bed and give up.  Though I have had to give up any kind of 9-5 schedule or schedule, as my body does crash if I push it, I can still try and find ways to be a contributing member of society.  Even what may be a negative or appear to be a negative, I can still be grateful for and that is saying a lot.  It’s not easy to be grateful for the tears, to push past and also to just say “screw it, screw those who don’t understand, who may not want me to be happy, I am going to push forward, go for what is in my heart”  All of this I am going to be grateful for!  For my own road to personal freedom and truth I am going to be grateful for!  

Shalom and Amen