Glad I Recorded Sky Eyes Songs

I am really glad I went back, revisited that chapter.

I find that I am really glad I revisited that chapter, and that I can recall it with good feeling, thoughts and any notions I had about differences of liberal and conservative are not really differences not in the way I perceived. I think going back and recording more songs from that chapter is something I will do and stay along the lines of Jazz, R&B, also go into Gospel at some point. I don’t think that person will come back into my life, have not had contact with them for a good while, so doubt they will.

However, it is good to know that they remain in my heart in a positive way, as a positive memory, not with any negativity, bitterness, anger. It says a lot about one’s maturity I think and growth if one can have someone in one’s heart etc… in a positive way, even if you never see them again, even if they never come into your life ever again. The fact that I can record more songs that they inspired, have positive feelings, thoughts, even if there are twinges of sadness, more so about how we handled things so badly, were so not ready for each other when we met. I had a long journey to make to self discovery, identity, to being who I am as an artist, person. Now that I am where I am, I can record all those songs inspired by that person, and have them in my heart etc… in good ways and even if I never see them again, and if I move on to a new relationship at any point, there is no anger etc.. from this to darken that, dampen that. Whatever happens, the recording of this Sky Eyes Recollections CD has been a blessing.