Glad To Have This Time



I very much enjoy sharing with all of you my journey and these reflections on life. Fibromyalgia makes you think about what you used to do and how things were, though I don’t do it often, get into that “I used to be such an avid walked.” The “used to” mode. At times it seems that when I’m crashing or the fibro gives me lots of hassle that “used to” comes up.  Also the “could’ve, should’ve” they also come up.  Then I think of the fact that I am able to do what I love doing, poetry, music, this, sharing, inspiring, and it doesn’t seem so bad.  I try to keep this phrase in mind.

Faith is About

Faith, belief in God, in the Divine, the Sacred, Holy, Creator of all things, Christ Savior, Holy Spirit Counselor, Helper, doesn’t mean magic want poof everything instantly okay.  It does mean that I can be okay no matter what the journey, how draining the journey turns out to be. It means that though I am not who I was before the fibromyalgia, I can still be a valuable contributor to society.  That’s the beauty of faith.  It doesn’t always come easily to keep that faith alive, but then I see something in nature, a child smile, or a parent-child interaction, something, and my faith is made strong again.

Shalom and Amen 

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