Glimpse of Beauty In Midst of Darkness

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Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

A cup of coffee and a snack paid for, then someone comes up short at the supermarket by 87 cents, and it’s taken care of.  Prior to that a weekend spent with a dear friend and her lovely daughter who is now just starting to walk, and tomorrow Mass, then time with lovely people and someone I feel beautifully connected and hope the connection really grows socially, in deep friendship and professionally.

I went to my alma, where I can use the library, computers, less wear and tear on mine, and they have lots more gig space I went in to get a cup of coffee, a snack and the student next in line says “I got it, have a great day”  I thanked him and he said with a smile “no worries, all good”.  Then when I went to the supermarket the lady in front of me realized she was short 87 cents after she got the bill and I recalled the act of kindness from that student, so I took care of the 87 cents and it felt really good.  It felt good to do something good for someone, be a positive force in society in that moment in time.  This weekend I got to spend it with a dear friend who brought her daughter, recently turned one and when it was time to go, the kid was crying not wanting to leave, to get into her stroller, but I got her calmed and smiling.  That child playing with me and the joy she brought out in me was a gift, great gift.   Tomorrow I go to church and then spend time with some wonderful seniors, great ladies and see a person I hope to build a great, awesome life long relationship with creatively, professionally and a really solid deep friendship, organically developing.  I felt so in synch and at home with him the moment we connected and that is a lovely thing in any kind of relationship, and of course if one is going to work with another in any significant way on any project I firmly believe in getting to know each other inside out, especially any creative and spiritual projects.  As I look back on these past few days and look to tomorrow, any darkness in this world is muted by the beauty of was occurred these past few days and the lovely day I hope to have tomorrow.  This is just one of many lovely moments the present and future give, provide, so whatever happened in the past, in my childhood, whatever crap goes on, sadness has been thrown at me and I may have naturally as an empath, and from just wearing my heart on my sleeves etc… when I reach out and no one reaches back, it can’t take away from the beautiful moments.  

Does this mean that I don’t see the dark clouds, or I ignore them, or have a pollyanna outlook, or attitude about life? No, not my style, not the grown up me, which is not so bad, this grown up thing, actually facing your stuff, inner demons etc…and thus being able to live a life of peace, yet joy and beauty, not having to be a honeybee to experience and understand life.  Aristotle was wise in that he understood that if you observe nature, you can pretty much figure out and understand life because nature mirrors what is life, humanity, relationships at different times and even different kinds of relationships, positive and negative ones. I can just observe nature and learn a lot of what there is to learn about God, life, and like the sun that peeks out through the clouds I can get those beautiful moment glimpses, particular ones that just really grab me, make me smile, beam and my heart skip a beat for two for good reasons.  

I hope that you will also have beautiful moments, understand and experience life without feeling the need to be a buzzing bee here there all over the place, but be very focused and let nature itself be the greatest teacher to understand life and people, as you focus on your one true path.  May you have that true twinflame soulmate to make the journey with you, that is also my wish for you.