Goals July-August 2014


I have set a few goals for myself for July in terms of my artistic project, my book “Mosaic of Life and Faith in Poems”.  Goals I am realizing are important, not so say they should be inflexible and written in stone, but they provide a guideline, something to reach for to keep one disciplined. Whether you are an artist or an administrative assistant, even a stay at home mom, a most noble thing I might add, setting realistic monthly goals is a good thing.  They can be adjusted as needed.


  • Launch E-Book- Mosaic
  • Create a brochure 
  • Create business cards ready by mid-July 
  • Engage full online promotion of book as of
  • Attend events where I can network and distribute brochure at least twice a month, or organize events via meet up groups I belong to myself
  • Find a way to get a publicist on commission to launch full publicity campaign in the NY/NJ area online and offline