God Starts Over, So Can We.

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The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


As I study the chapter relating to the flood, the online course makes an excellent point about the flood and Noah etc.. It points out the following:  

“The story of the flood (Chapters 7-9) is told as a new creation story, with lots of subtle and obvious references back to Genesis 1. In the context of the entire book of Genesis, the flood story shows us God giving the world a new start, starting His family anew in the line of Seth.

Noah is like a new Adam. Like Adam, Noah is given authority over the animals (compare1:26 and 9:2-3). He is also given the same command as God gave to Adam: “be fertile and multiply and fill the earth.” (compare 1:28 and 9:1). Finally, as He did with Adam, God makes a covenant with Noah and through him with all living beings (compare 2:1-2 and9:13).

With this covenant with Noah, God renews the covenant He made with creation in the beginning. The rainbow sign is like the Sabbath, a symbol of God’s communion with His creation. We have here, the second of the major covenants that form the “organizational principle” of the Bible.”

God in his sorrow for the extreme state of corruption, sin etc.., did a do over, gave humanity a fresh start, and it might seem to some harsh the way it was done, but sometimes you have to eradicate that in life which causes so much pain etc…, unhappiness, not in this extreme way of course, no.  However, there are times when life as it is, just is not working, relationships are not working, can’t be saved etc.. and you have to be willing to let go, to move on, to start over, clean slate.  That might not always sit well with everyone in your life, nor will pursuing your true calling.  God lets us know throughout the Scripture that even though the road to starting over may be hard, he will be there with us, His Holy Spirit will guide us if we pray, reflect, and Christ will always find his lost sheep, even that one lost sheep, you, me, and help us to get back on the right path.  Starting over is a process, and initially when we find ourselves having had a life changing experience, including a divorce, or any health issue that limits us in any way, we might want to go into a cocoon,   We might not be sure who we want around us, and what the future will bring.  The main thing to remember is that if God can have  do over for the world, then we can also have a do over for our lives, even if the transition is not totally smooth, even if it is painful.  Going into a cocoon is not necessarily healthy, so if we have people we have a strong bond to, a deep bond to, then we should seek them out, even those we want to build a stronger bond with, that we might want to be a part of our future.  

With this holiday season and the New Year coming, the flood story is a story of destruction yes, but also of hope and rebirth, just like Christ is.  Never let life’s challenges, changes be of discouragement to you.  Let the flood story and Christ give you hope and knowledge that God is with you through it all, through thick and thin.