Going Beyond, Next Level

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As artists, often one does the cafe scene and all that, restaurants and all that.  In a way those are the safe bets, but at some point, you have to go beyond the safe bet.  

At some point as an artist you have to really come into your own and get to the next level, whether it is as a performing artist, a writer, etc…, even in a relationship, you have to get to new levels, can’t keep things at the same level, you have to explore new healthy creative and emotional depths to grow as a person.  I could do the safe thing, poetry nights and all that, which I have done in the past, but that’s stage one of an artists career and I realize it’s time for more than that, every artist needs to realize when it is time for more than that, that next stage.  Same goes with relationships, with life changes in general.  I realize it’s easy to stay within the boundaries of the familiar, of what we know, of what is comfy, easy breezy, but that won’t bring us growth on any level, it won’t expand joy on any level.  If we can’t come out of our little box, that is truly sad for us as a person and as an artist.  If we only are going to be with the same people, the same crowd all the time, same places etc… all the time, never risk, never go beyond our little box, world, even doing different kinds of music, of writing etc…, something to go to the next level at any given point, then we will stay stagnant emotionally, spiritually, every which way.  

Maybe that is why I encourage, and push those I care about, see so much potential in to go outside their comfort zone, their small world and box, while still holding true to the core of who they are of course, hopefully knowing truly who they are, the root of self, honoring their culture etc…always.  I feel very strongly about growing, expanding, moving to new levels of awareness etc… that I hate to see anyone with potential not do all they can do to burst with it, to be exploding with that potential, shooting for the stars and living it to the hilt in life.  I may be a bit of a pain about it, but it is always out of caring and love.  I hope people understand that it comes from that place.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen