Going to Plan B?

soaring eagle

I care for much for my faith, for the core truths of the faith and the magisterium, boundaries taught in sacred scripture, and also for the parish I now call home, for the traditions of my heritage.  I would hate to see that lost, so what do I do?

I understand clearly that as much as one would like to be fluffy and romantic about one’s parish, one’s church, one also has to be practical, and for a parish, a church is like any other business and requires funds to pay the bills.  The faith in order to survive must at some point return to its’ roots, so much nations or they will cease to be America, Italy, Germany etc.. if they do not do so and firmly, not in a negative way, but do so.  I understand that and so I have discerned that a series of regular fundraisers will be required and where my heart rests is with the arts, with music, so when an offer was made to me by a wonderful choral group to perform for us, to fundraise for us I could not say no on behalf of the parish and knew we would require 30 days to organize, set up ticket sales etc…  I knew for any event to succeed we would require solid planning, PR and Marketing, not just in our own little world and neighborhood but beyond those four walls.  However, when others are not getting it, and are not getting what will put the organization “on the map”, back to its’ roots big time etc.. I have to scratch my head and think what I can do to help that entity to thrive on my own time.  It is frustrating, but I may not have a choice. What can I do?  Being on SSDI, I am limited in my personal resources, but that does not mean I can’t do artistic events on my own time and donate part of those proceeds to the church.  Frankly, not sure what else to do.

What will I work on putting together? I am going to work on giving Catholic artists a chance to work with me to put on a show  monthly, a lunchtime show An Afternoon of Song, Poetry and Prayer, with light lunch included. The music and prayer will be in English, Italian and Latin.  There will be plenty of PR, preparation, with heaven’s help lots of efficient planning, so it brings glory to the Holy Trinity and much needed funds to my parish, but also brings people back to traditional Catholic and Italian roots.