Gospel of Seeds Touched Home


There is something in life called followthrough and a lot of time we lack that. The reasons can be different for different people.

Sometimes the lack of followthrough comes down to being frankly dumb enough to saying yes to everything and so you take on more landscaping and gardening work than you can handle metaphorically speaking.  For others it is by nature lack of stamina, and their personality, they are types that really are not good at juggling more than one thing in a very focused way at a time and if they try, it all goes south and wonky.  For some, it’s because of fear, so things are begun enthusiastically, but then when it’s crunch time fear of failing has them run and nothing ever gets accomplished, they go through life in a maze.  For others, it’s that they never grew up, they are so busy being the eternal teenager wanting to have fun all the time, and they have a lot of talk going on, but they never have the glue to actually get moving and get things done.  If they do, it’s that teen rebel thing of only on my time, only my way, the hell with any feedback, won’t listen, won’t pay attention.  Things could be lousy right in front of them, their ideas, their plans not working out, or stuff needing their attention, but they don’t mind it.  They are going to have fun in life, enjoy life and that is all that matters and doing their projects, and projects done their way even if they are not working, teen eternal in a grown up’s body.  What does this have to do with the Sermon from this weekend’s Gospel?

Jesus talks about the mustard seed, about good soil, and all that.  As I have “grown up” and finally come to terms with the baggage from my dad leaving as a kid and my rocky road with mom, I realize how important this parable is to me, to my life.  As Music Coordinator at Shrine of The Most Precious Blood, as a Roman Catholic, as a person in general, what my garden of life looks like, what my work looks like will depend on how well I water and nourish the garden? I am planting some very good seeds, but now, will I water those seeds, will I do so in a way that sustains the garden long term?  Will I be grown up enough, focused enough etc… enough to make sure that I am not doing a million and one things, and so that I don’t drop any balls?  Will be a very focused landscaper of the garden?  Will be grown up enough? Too many people are “yadda yadda yadda” with very little follow through action and I never want to be that, never.  I am not advocating recklessness, but when you are in and with the Holy Spirit, you will receive knowledge of what to do and how to do it and will be able to implement things in a very efficient time line. If you are a restless, aimless butterfly that only wants to have fun fun fun, has no aim, wants to do it all, be in the spotlight, all that, has no focus, good luck to ya, you’ll need it and lots of it, a few Hail Mary passes along the way, maybe more than a few.  Every path is like a garden, every vocational path, every project we take on, every relationship that matters, including that with the Holy Trinity and the seeds planted can only yield a beautiful garden when we tend to it very well, with great focus, nurturing, right nurturing, right nourishment etc…That means follow through, not talk and no action, means thought, plan, very timely action.  It also means you have to know how to make tough decision, know when to say this idea has not worked, time to chuck it in the bin and embrace a different one, all kids of stuff, but that takes lots of being a grown up and follow through, not always easy.  I hope that life has brought me to place where I am exactly there.  I am not sure about everyone around me being exactly there, having follow through, which makes me have to make a lot of decisions on my own, since I refuse to do things last minute and have the church fall flat on its’ face.  All I can do is be as grown up as I can be, do my best and pray.