Gratitude and Don’t forget!

First of all, I would like to express m gratitude for my fellow poets, artists and bloggers, for putting your heart, soul out there, for sharing.  I also would like to remind you to get your tickets to my FB Live Holiday Show, where I will also be sharing Christmas traditions from around the world.  Link for the show:  If you would like to donate, you can do so with PayPal – and would be greatly appreciated.

Being grateful, seeing the glass half full is not always easy and I still sometimes struggle to see the good rather than focus on the not so great stuff.  How can we get into a gratitude posture and practice?  One this is to ask ourselves questions each day.  Asking all 20 questions might give you a headache, but we can ask one or two a day in the morning and before we got to bed.   Asking for example who was kind to you today? and who maybe went out of their way to help you, to encourage you?  I get such encouragement from my fans via their feedback on my Number1music site and on FB.  I have some great friends and family members who also encourage, believe in me and I in them.  What about asking what important thing life taught us today about ourselves etc..?  What food did we enjoy today? and be grateful you had food to eat.  Who forgave you and who did you forgive?  Many of us might find easy to forgive others, but not ourselves for mistakes etc..When we don’t forgive ourselves, if we are Christian, we have insulted Jesus.  Forgiveness of self is something I have struggled with, forgiving my not so great decisions in life, my lack of fearlessness at times in regards to my vocational path.  How did God, providence bless you today, even if just by having you live in a great neighborhood with great people?  There are always questions we can ask of ourselves and others to help us go into  a place of thanksgiving.  I hope we always find things to be thankful for, even if use the smile of a child that brightens our day, or the hug of a loved one.