Great Potential, So Why Winding Road?

Widing Road.jpeg

Most of us if we have potential and talent in any given area and have been told we do, especially by those outside our friends and family circle, you would think would find the road to success, thriving and prosperity, spiritual clarity a straight one, an easy one.  You would think so wouldn’t you?  Yeah, well, not so much it seems.  Why?  If you are one who has a range of gifts, and on top of that are an empath, have gifts of a spiritual nature, it complicates things.  You have to figure out how to intertwine all the gifts together to the path you are meant to walk according to the Lord;s anointing upon you.  That’s no easy thing.  I think it is important early on to pray for a mentor, a solid mentor of great solid ethics and integrity.  I think that might just be the most important prayer one can make in one’s youth and then when that mentor comes for us to listen, take their advice guidance with care, with prayer.  I wish I had understood that and prayed for that above all when I was young.  I pray for that now because that may just be the most important gift the Lord could give me.  This pin says it best.

Greatest Potential People.jpg

Shalom and Amen