Greatest Teacher Has Not Been a Person

Today, I participated in the monthly,sometimes bi-monthly Buddhist Unconditional Healing Circle and I had an epiphany about who or rather what has been my greatest teacher and gift.  It is no a person or anything like that, no it’s actually been my Fibromyalgia.  Talk about a “WTH?” moment, this qualified.  How has this been a gift, uncomfortable etc.. one, but a gift?  Well, it taught me a thing or two.  

it has helped to me a lot to release the need, desire, which came out of childhood stuff, to control my life in every aspect, every crevice, every corner etc…It has taught me to trust God to lead and guide, and it has connect with my inner gifts of spirit.  It has taught me to be kinder to myself, to not beat myself up over and over for stuff.  Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t learn from my mistakes, should and hopefully not keep repeating them.  It has also taught me that we are not just a body, and that if we are going to move through anything in life, it has to be as a whole person, heart, body, spirit and soul.  If there are storms literal or symbolic, it is really important to first to be in the moment with it, not fight it, not even the anger, but no to act on all of that immediately unless one has a real emergency situation.  In general, if we can be fully present on all levels, and discern on all levels, use different tools, meditation, focused prayer, breathing techniques, what the next steps ought to be, we won’t be banging our heads against the wall over and over.  I realize that this painful uncomfortable journey has also been my greatest teacher and for that I am grateful.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen