Half of Life

Much of our life is spent, our teen and adult life is spent trying to impress, to belong, be part of the hip crowd etc..and part of it is also spent filled with anxiety as we strive to impress, maybe are rejected in some way.  Life can become all about “proving something”, about being good enough for the world, the secular world whose values are warped.  I was on that treadmill myself, and finally it dawned on me that the only thing I had to prove was that I was not being dragged down by secular crap, that all I had to prove was that I understood the gifts God had given me and that I was using them in positive ways, ways that are within moral boundaries of objective truths and morality.  If can do that, then that is all that matters.   May I always be aware that the only thing that matters most is my relationship with the Holy Trinity, that I use my gifts and potential wisely in all things.  I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, climb tall mountains.  I just need to live a good life, realize my potential and be in communion with the Trinity every day of my life, be guided by that.