Happiness, Tips For the Journey PIV




We often see people accomplish a lot in their lives, who have lives a full and rich life, fulfilled their dreams and we think, wow they are superman or superwoman etc…, they are afraid of nothing.  That is a flawed vision of them, of anyone.  Fear, anxiety on some level, no one is immune to it.  What makes these people different than those who have not achieved etc.., well any number of factors could play a part, but one thing is probably how they responded to their fears, anxieties.   Even a performing artist who has been in the businesses for any number of years when they go out on that stage, record that next album have anxiety, so it’s not anxiety, fear etc… that is the problem.  If you have a dream of accomplishing something, rather than allow that fear, anxiety to dictate, allow yourself to push through and past that fear, find those who can wisely, not recklessly, but wisely support you on that journey.  Successful people even emotionally etc… don’t allow fear to dictate and rule their lives, they acknowledge it, work though and past it, and if adjustments have to be made because the concern is a truly valid one, then they are, but fear does not rule or dictate how life is lived.  Another element, something today’s generation of whiners, complainers, snowflakes don’t seem to get is the power of gratitude, even those who claim they are people of faith, the religious.  waking up in the morning with a Thank You for this day, and all the opportunities it brings, and ending it with Thank You for all it brought and taught can be very powerful.  Even a Thank You for this day and for all the help rendered now and forever.  One of the reasons prayer and meditation are part of a spiritual path and life is they allow you to take time to step back and re-connect to the divine, to a place of gratitude for life, gift of life etc..  These two tools are an important part of the day and I hope you will integrate them into yours.

Shalom and Amen