My Father’s Day Wish For You

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As we celebrate fathers today, one wonders what gift a father can give and probably the greatest gift is self, and also the example of having created for one’s self a life that is one of great joy, fulfillment, realization of one’s fullest potential.  

A parent is to be a lighthouse and if that lighthouse is dark, closed, or dim, not shining bright with joy, fulfillment, the realization of one’s dreams, true love and all that one has the potential to be in life, then that child can not be that themselves or live that themselves.  Granted all this should always be pursed constructively and with the goal of good of all, harm to none etc…, but as a parent it is important to have wings, to soar and thus one can give wings to their child.  If one’s own heart is closed, one’s own spirit is beaten etc… then that is what they pass on.  As a father, it is crucial to be an example of leadership in this manner, to show one’s children that life can be one of joy, fulfillment etc.., and that it can be achieved constructively, without harm to anyone, in ways that truly in the end bring good for all.  Sometimes it takes thinking outside the box, courage etc…, but parenting takes that in general, so does living, truly living, and doing so wisely, yet fulfilling all one’s potential.  

My with for all dads is that they find that path to achieve this, and be that example to their kids somehow, to be that lighthouse of a life that embodies day to day joy, fulfillment on all levels, so much more to their kids, including living true love.  That is my wish for all to be an example of this.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen