Hate Not Persons…..

Can we hate actions, situations, not persons?  Yes, and for our own sake, for society’s this is a goal we should all have.  

What is wealth and what is success?  Is the person who had loads of money, fame etc.., but no connection to family,  no friends, no community wealthy?  Is the one who hoards and can never get enough, never even gives a smile to one who is down successful, wealthy? Depends on your definition of wealthy.  Seems to me if we have a lot of stuff and prestige, nothing else, not even love of nature and life, we are quite poor.  Think carefully about what kind of wealth you focus on. Not to say we should not succeed and prosper, nothing evil in that, but if it is to the exclusion of all else, then not a good thing really.   Lets make full use of our gifts, potential and be thankful for any prosperity, success etc.., but not let that define us, think that is what most important wealth is all about, success is all about.

Hate is poison, absolute poison and destroys, when directed at people and when not managed constructively in terms of where the hate is directed.  Hate actions, situations, not persons, what does that mean?  What of forgiveness, where does that start?   They say charity starts at home and forgiveness needs to start there also.  Forgiveness for me in terms of others I never really a problem with, but forgiving myself, that was tough.  I have realized that lack of forgiveness for self is crucial to my interacting with others because if I can’t forgive myself, then how can I interact with others with confidence, with full empathy, with any real understanding?  It’s only recently that I realized that.  In addition to forgiving self, I also have to be able to forgive those in my immediate circle.  Forgiving those closest to us is a lot harder, but the measure of maturity, spiritually, is forgiving.  

How do you do this exactly?  If the person, persons engage in actions or a belief system that one truly finds unacceptable, can not reconcile, feels is detrimental to society, through meditation, prayers say accept and admit that the actions etc..you have issue with, even grave issue with.  However, since that person, those persons are, even if the actions are ugghhhh, for the health of our soul, we need to let go of that hate, through prayer, meditation, maybe right a letter that you then burn about how you feel to that person.  Then ask, meditate, prayer for clarity, for seeing things clearly and as they are from all sides and how you can maybe bring about change consructively.