Have Faith or Move On?

The Journey That is Life.

For an empath, someone of a creative, but also very philosophical leaning life is about choice and decision, as much as it is about feeling what you do from what you pick up through the psychic consciousness when linked deeply to another person.

Here is the dilemma an emapth, but also philosopher such as myself faces.  I can clearly sense that a strong connection is closing a chapter of their life and looking to start a new one, that the connection is mutually strong and it is not about lust here, it goes beyond anything like that.  I truly do feel that they see lots of potential for teaming up creatively and exploring the friendship fully, but something is holding them back still.  Here is where I have the dilemma.  As an empath I have a strong feeling he will close out the chapter of his old life fully by the 27th of this month and be fully ready to move forward with his new life, even this friendship on whatever level he wishes to pursue that.  The philosopher and also the woman who remembers the pain of a past situation and “relationship” all too well at times, is hesitant to trust that instinct, that empathically strong intuition.  On the one hand I strongly sense “wait, let the person tie up loose ends etc… and it is going to be amazing, you’ll see”, the empath psychic connection to this person side.  On the other hand there is a part of me that says “Don’t wait for this friendship, just move on, don’t do it”, the one who was hurt very much in the past by a relationship, one she never should have gotten involved in, in the first place.  They have really made changes already and I am really excited for them and they do inspire me a lot just by being a part of my world as they are.  Still, something more concrete awaits is what my instincts tell me, very strongly.  I am within being pulled in two directions and I am not sure yet which way to go, maybe life itself will provide the answer.  Meanwhile all I can do is meditate and be inspired by this connection being in my life as it is and inspire them I hope as well. 

Namate, Shalom and Amen