Having a Plan B



Plan B, Always a Good Idea

Plan A was a One Woman Show at Cornelia Street Cafe, but so far I haven’t heard back, after sending an email and a proposal for the show. I will send a follow up email next week and then give them another week.  However, what if that’s not where I am supposed to do my show, but also creative and spiritual intuitive sensitive being? What’s my plan B?

My plan B is The Actor’s Chapel, St Malachy’s Church in Midtown.  A similar email and proposal, for a One Woman Christmas Show and the Ticket includes a copy of the expanded print version of  “Mosaic of Life and Faith in Poems”, as well as a meet and greet after the show, where I will discuss my journey of faith and dysautnomia, with appetizers and refreshments included.  This event could take place in early November 2014. I have already made initial contact with the pastor there for another reason, so I will contact him today or Monday.

Plan B doesn’t mean you don’t believe in yourself or such.  It just means you give yourself options, that’s all.