Healthy Boundaries 5 and 6

Bouundary Signs

Knowing our boundaries is important, very important, why?  We can’t know when your sense of self, your boundaries physical, emotional, spiritual, ethical etc.. have been violated if we don’t even know what those boundaries are.  One of the reasons I am going to be doing seminars on discerning Values, Moral, Character and all that is so people can come to understand what our boundaries are or need to be, what boundaries we need to create.  Defining, acknowledging and then with gestures, facial expressions, firm wording, clear wording can all be ways to make boundaries clear to others, once we have defined them ourselves, and when we have been crossed. No seems to sometimes be a tough word to utter, to speak, but if we realize our body is your sacred vessel, a gift, even when it goes wonky, because it holds the essence of us, our spirit, soul, your consciousness, emotions, experiences, lessons learned etc.., maybe not so tough to say no.  Saying to what is not healthy, what is disrespectful to that truth matters, so if someone tries to push us to violate your own boundaries, well being, they are not a friend and it is not love.   We have to be, with great faith  and  a strong spiritual core the gatekeepers to our boundaries, to the sacred vessel that is us.  I also would love for us to contemplate this from Rumi:

Rumi If You Want the Moon

Namaste, Shalom and Amen