Healthy Boundaries 7 and 8

Bouundary Signs

Sharing of self is part of relationships developing and in some professions you are in the eye of the public, and it takes a real effort to not have your whole life, out there for all the world to know.   I share quite a bit and have done early on in my life because as a poet, songwriter and all that, it’s part of who I am.  However, what I have realized is that when building friendships, work relationships, spilling the beans all the beans all at once is not always a good idea.  You don’t know how people feel about different issues or things, what they might be going through or what they might have recently gone through.  As a blogger, songwriter etc.. as a Conservative twitter “warrior” of sorts, I put it all out there, what I think, feel on any number of issues etc.. Yet, in building personal friendships and such, I realize I have to not be in warrior mode, and really share of myself in teaspoons and not bucket fulls.  An important lesson in life.  When it comes to friendship, business partnerships etc.. rushing relationships is not a good idea, we should be with people that are going to enhance our lives and we are going to enhance their lives, where it’s going to be a situation where there will be able to be authentic mutual trust, so on and so forth.  That takes time, find out if your energies etc.. really align, sometimes you need to pull back and assess if a connection is something that can be healthy etc.. for the long term and that’s okay.  Rushing and pushing relationships forward because you want them to be or want them to work, is not a good formula to follow.  Being engaged and helping it to grow organically, cool, all for it. 

I  hope this post blesses you and provides guidance.