Healthy Boundaries, Huh?

lonely evneing road


As I look at this photo and saw the line it reminded me of boundaries, very crucial to life, liberty etc.., in any context, so I thought about what makes for healthy ones based on what I have learned and then I came across something that resonated about what healthy boundaries looks like, so here it is.   This is what health boundaries might very well look like:

  • Saying NO without guilt
  • Asking for what you need (help, support)
  • Taking care of YOU, always remember the airplane scenario, who do they tell to take the oxygen first the kid or the mom?
  • Behave with ethics and have solid values to guide you
  • Be in a safe space within to express feelings and emotions, viewpoints, but please no tantrums, broken anything
  • Feeling you have a support system to pursue your goals
  • Being responsible for your own happiness and not for that of others
  • Be self aware, be aware of what you are feeling, but not consumed by it
  • Be clear in who you are, what you believe, and want

This is a journey, not something you get to overnight, not always quickly, usually not quickly.  I believe that looking at a few different world views, philosophies and such along with prayer and meditation can be helpful.  For me the one that makes most sense is practical metaphysics and Christianity.  That’s what makes sense to me, and what resonates with me as THE Spiritual Truth for all ages. Not everyone is in agreement with that, okay.  I just need to be clear in myself about what I believe etc.. and if I share it through my music or whatever, fine and if anyone then decides it also resonates with them, okay, welcome.  I also realize I am the only one that can create a solid spiritual life, creative life etc…with some divine intervention and help, to bring me joy, no one can do that for me, and I can’t do it for anyone else, not even my own family, not even my own mom.  I also have had to really learn to put clear boundaries down, even with family, with mom. Life is not meant to be stressed, a pressure cooker, but if we don’t learn to put into place healthy boundaries, then we are going to live in just that.  I will hopefully be offering hypnotherapy sessions and such through fiverr soon I hope, and some baseline coaching along with it.  I truly don’t think our Creator meant us to live in any pressure cookers.

Shalom and Amen