Hello Old Friend


I came across some images of Battery Park and it brought back memories.  Fibromyalgia and different health issues of late, my hypersensitivity to heat, and in general has really made me a homebody, more so than I was.  The walks I used to take in the eventing or even in the afternoons are not happening.  I could have gotten sad at the memories, but instead I just focused on the beauty of them, and reminded myself that Fall is coming, weather gets cooler and God willing, not further procedures, I will take those walks again.  Memories as nostalgic as they are, if we can focus on the beauty of them, can bring a smile instead of pain.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Also, please check out my bandcamp site, as I have new material, Our Father, A Song, and In The Blink of an Eye.