Help Me Help Israel

Blessed Are Those that Bless Israel

One of things that an artist can do is be a voice and as an artist there are three things I will be a vice for.  One is Dysautonomia, which can turn lives inside out and upside down, as it did mine. The other is for care of others by supporting organizations such as Caritas and Doctors without Borders.  I also hope to set the world straight on truth and the truth is Hamas and others wish to destroy the Jewish People and Israel and this can not happen again, can not be allowed to happen again this hatred can not happen, and Israel can not be made out the villain when it is not.  One of the organizations I will be supporting is the United Jewish Fund. 

Please help me to help others and support Israel whose children have to live in fear and hatred daily and purchase the e-book, tell others about it and encourage them to purchase it. 

Thank You.