Heritage Matters

soaring eagle



There are other links on the topic of America’s Judeo-Chrisitan heritage and some might say, maybe more than some might say “what does it matter?” Think of an adopted child, they almost always, no matter how loving etc.. their adoptive family is want to find their birth family, know where they come from, their roots because that is their identity.  For anyone who considers this nation their nation, their home, was born here, knowing what shaped this nation matters, knowing what made the founders choose this form of government matters. 

If we study our roots we find that the now Democratic party ironically originally supported slavery and was against any reforms to give civil rights to slaves, minorities, to free slaves, all that and the Republican Party has always fought for all of that to give opportunity, entrepreneurship etc. Reason in part was Republicans felt, though they had certain biases to overcome, that the Bible was clear that in Christ all were equal, that it was not acceptable to enslave men or anyone.   There were principles that the Founders and others after them felt strongly about and fought for, gave their lives for to shape this nation that was based on Biblical principles of caring for your fellow man, on the virtues they felt were Judeo-Christian, that included in our Judiciary.    Unfortunately, all that is under attack, the nation’s very heritage is under attack, those to seek to honor it are under attack.  It is sad to think that the heritage of our nation and our Founders is being eradicated, erased, destroyed, that all manner of perversion is prevailing.  I hope we can learn about the heritage that shaped America and honor it each and every day.  Without heritage, a person and a nation are lost without a compass. 

Namaste, Shalom, and Amen