Heritage of America Squashed, Sad

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Adopted children at some point want to know about their biological parents, people are sending in kits to see their ancestors, what their DNA says their heritage is so on and so forth, but yet as a nation, America has done the opposite, tried to erase and deny it’s heritage, foundations.  Doesn’t bode well, as we can see.

Your heritage, particularly your cultural heritage gives a point of reference, an identity, a foundation for your life, as do parents, whom one hopes are mature stable etc.. persons, not perfect because no on is, but mature, stable, decent people doing the best they can.  A nation also has a heritage and unless one understands it, nows it, embraces it, at least appreciates, honors and respects it, there can be no identity, no love for that nation, no real ties to that nation.   Secularists, especially academics, have done a good job of fooling people in this nation, teaching that our founders had no faith heritage, this nation never had anything to do with anything of faith, of Christ.  Problem with that is, it’s false, blatantly false.  If we are going to be a United States, then we must accept the heritage of our nation as the foundation for it, for its’ laws etc…, also respect the rights afforded by the Constitution and stop attributing phrases to the Constitution and founding papers that never existed such as Separation of Church and State.  We must also get the truth about he context of such things, the whole letter that phrase was written in.  Even the Supreme Court has forgotten or twisted our heritage to something unrecognizable, and that is too sad for words and frightening for the future.  I hope you will look at these sites on this Independence Day week and learn about our heritage, honor it, respect it and embrace it.

No one questioned America’s Christian heritage before




You can not know who you are as a nation or a people unless you know your origin and heritage, love, honor, respect and embrace it.