Hidden Self in Healing through Inner Control

Self-control provides us with self-discipline. Instead of acting on impulses, we can use self-control to make sound decisions. Self-control puts up restraints so that we do not make repeated mistakes. In addition, self-control gives us strength of mind, will, and we develop our willpower.  Self-indulgence on the other hand causes a series of decadence that pushes us to self-pity and abandons good habits and behaviors that may move us to heal the hidden self. Instead of restraining the mind, a self-indulged person may go on food binges, drinking binges, et cetera. These people often push toward self-destruction.  Self-indulgence also leads to deviant behaviors and habits. Most times these people will act out of accord to standards, usual ways, et cetera. They often act abnormally, which leads them to battle addictions, binges, and other unhealthy living.  We all need self-control to discover the hidden self. Therefore, if you have self-indulging problems, work now to abandon those negative ways.

How to abandon self-indulgence ways and thinking:
To abandon self-indulgent ways and thinking, one must consider the way he sees the world and self. Do you see yourself as a bad habit waiting to happen, or do you see yourself as someone that can make things happen?

If you are struggling with self-indulgence, likely you see yourself in the first light. You want to change this way of thinking. You do this by self-examining your perceptions and conceptions. Subliminal learning is a great way to analyze these elements of your human makeup. Go online to learn the methods in subliminal learning.  You can start with contemplative prayer, meditation. Meditate daily to discover problematic areas of your life that lead you to self-indulgence. Check your thinking patterns. Do you think it is ok to overeat? If you believe this, then consider your health. Think of the consequences of overeating. Think of heart attacks, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and weigh the differences.

If you think it is ok to view improper programs on videos or television, consider the reality of useful habits that are spoiled by bad influences. Evil and good do not mix. You must cleanse your body and mind of poor habits to abandon self-indulgence. You must work toward guiding your mind to natural ways of thinking and behaving to develop self-control.  All things that we do as humans come from our way of thinking, which develops from conceptions and perceptions. All of these characteristics emerge from our learning, observation, environmental changes, influences, and all reflect on our perceptions and conceptions.  The way we perceive any situation etc… plays into our development:   Thus, the way you perceive things will reflect on your personality. If you perceive you as someone that is a bad habit waiting to happen, then donít feel surprised when down the road you find yourself dangling on threads.

Of course, no one expects you to act like normal society. Rather, you must develop your own individuality, learn it, accept it, and move to change characteristics that you have developed from past learning, experiences, and so on.  Only you have the power within, connecting to the Holy Spirit of the Creator of all things you to take control of your life. Of course, you are wise to pray to your creator and ask for assistance with this process. As humans, we cannot do anything on our own without the assistance of the man that made us who we were supposed to become.  Thus, we must build spirituality, emotions, mental, and physical strengths to heal the hidden self. When you build these strengths, it will take you to heighten planes of awareness, which empowers you to gain self-control.

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