Holidays, Fatigue and a Fall

The holiday season brought a fall on the way to church and pain, omes from day pain on top of pain.  The fatigue that in and day out with Fibromyalgia is not always easy to navigate.  This fall did not help the exhaustion that comes with fibromyalgia.  The thing that most scared me I think was my right hand, the hand I use for writing, etc…, having to navigate with my left hand.  What if the ligament is permanently damaged, that on top of the osteoarthritis I am already dealing with could really “cramp my style”.  This has not been the ideal holiday season, neither was last year, but and yes there is a but, I can still count my blessings, in terms of friends, great neighbors, living in a great coop that always had different activities for us, including cultural ones.  I can record rather than write if need be.  Yes, there is constant fatigue, pain, but behind the clouds, rain, there is a rainbow.  it’s up to me to find the rainbow each and every day.