Honor Torah, Charity or Be a Capitalist Republic?


The Torah tells us we must perform Mitzvot, and we must care for one another, for the poor. It gives guidelines on that and on life in general, as does the Pentateuch in general.

The Torah also makes it very clear that in government there must be separation of powers and one must not overshadow the other.  It also makes it very clear that it is the job of the community and the religious institutions to take care of those in need.  The system we have now is not at all in line with the Torah or the Pentateuch.  What would be and how would the USA and people of the USA have to change to honor both the Torah and the Capitalist Federalist Republic given to us, as well as the Bill of Rights?  Let’s start with the whole NFP designation and all that jazz.  Get rid of it, and have every institution pay a flat tax of 10% and deduct loses, work it out so the organizations that do wish to assist those in need, operate tax wise like any other business.  As we have a Bill of Rights, the government, as with all businesses, must not interfere with how they run it and the tenets of the faith etc… standing firm, so long as they do not harm anyone physically, harm animals or anything like that.  No entity should ever be forced, rather the owners forced, to violate conscience.   Again so long as there is no physical violence or call to violence, the government needs to shut up.    If there is no tax exemption, then there is no restriction on allowing for institutions of faith to discuss issues as relates to the candidates and what they represent, even historically for the faith community, and faith institutions.   Then we truly are honoring our Constitution and Republic. We also are honoring upon allowing for freedom of conscience, in having also all branches of the government truly separate, no activist judges to violate the conscience of the faith community and businesses, a government that abides by Torah, by the Jewish Bible and our Constitution.  One can say we should be always of sweet tongue, but yeah, good luck with that one.  Sometimes you have to use tough love and let it rip.

What of charity, welfare all that?  If we did have very smart deals and really had a government that knew what it was doing, so we always came out “in the black”, taxes could be low and then a miracle could happen.  Faith institutions and community itself could organize programs, no government interference to assist those in need.  They could for example if one found one’s self with a disability, a chronic condition and could not work anymore as they did, be the ones to help that person on a new road.  For example I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, so I could not longer teach and holding down any fixed schedule is near to impossible with my crashing regularly.  What might a faith institution have done to help me?  They could have assessed and seen that I have creative gifts, songwriting, performance poetry skills, blog writing skills, and seeing my creative side and all that, they could done the following.  This is just an idea.  If they cultivate connections with different industries, they could have said “okay, we will give you a stipend and you can work creating songs for the synagogue or found a way to provide a stipend and connect me with opportunities to really work on my craft and make it a career.  Government is not necessary for charity.  These entities can connect one with mentors, ways of discovering and applying alternative gifts to create a new life within a year.  The community institutions of faith could also create their own health and wellness plan, program, working with doctors, hospitals.  The possibilities are endless if government got out of the way.  The same for education.  If all the government did was to administer city wide general testing for basic core subjects to show the ability for critical thinking, and left education to the private sector a lot could be done.  With the Internet, which must not be given into international hands ever, and working within the community, schools could be created online, inexpensive and teachers could even work remotely and they could meet students weekly at the end of the week for a re-cap of it all.  These institutions could get much donated by people and if you still allowed for deduction of charity on taxes, a fair amount, people and companies could donate ipads and stuff for children who can not purchase a computer, in order to do the work.  The point is we could have a top notch America if we truly let the community and faith institutions take care of a lot of stuff, not regulate everything to death, or tax to death. That is never the answer, money and more money is not the answer, but innovation, thinking outside the box, heck yeah!!!

We could all observe Torah, and it would be much better served without government I think.  It is possible to observe Torah, kindness, charity etc… and still honor that we are not a socialist, Marxist nation, must never be one. 

Shalom and Amen