Hope Out Of The Box

The Journey That is Life.

As I sense and have seen the talent of a particular person, and all that still is untapped, I have one hope for them and one phrase that comes to mind “out of the box”.  

I have seen them perform and they have an amazing voice and have loosened up with body movements and interacting with the audience, a good thing always for an artist.  My gut instincts tell me there is even more for them to explore etc…, material they have written, ideas they have, which no one has really encouraged or pushed them to put out there and produce, given them the faith and belief in to pursue.  I firmly believe in their talents having great depth, being boundless and limitless.  I hope that there comes a point when I can really be there to help them see that fully, cheer them on, give them that push to be a true indie artist, take that plunge to get out there and produce their original material, their stand alone show.  I feel they have been in a particular box for so long in life, as an artist.  life and us as artists, we really are like an union that you have to peel back the layers to get to the core, like a large box, wish a number of smaller boxes you have to open to get to the actual treasure.  I think one has to have the right people to fully believe in you to be able to allow yourself to reach that core and show that core to the world, feel safe enough to do so.  I hope that this fellow artist can reach a point that he does feel he can show that core, his own material, his original stuff, ideas etc.. and maybe I will get to collaborate directly some day with this great talent and his heart chakra, all his chakras will open up totally and then, wow, watch out world what you will experience from this artist will so blow you away, ten fold what blows you away now.  The positive thing is that he has made changes, has loosened up and so I have hope that he will come out of his box more and more and I look forward to seeing him perform his original works and at some point collaborating with him as an artist and a friend.

It’s not only artists who need to come out of boxes, cut cords etc…  I know someone else who is in a world that those who care for him wish he were not in, that is not his own, but he is so caught up in it, is so boxed in this world now, not sure he know how to get out.  It is sad, for him, for what it has done to him etc…Those who care can meditate, pray for him, hope he gets out of that world, but other than that, nothing else to do and there is no visible sign he has any intention of getting of that world or is doing anything to come out of it.  They say hope is the last thing to do die in life, so those who care about him hope, pray and meditate on his behalf.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.