How Does Lucifer Deceive?

Confused Face

Scripture talks about snares, and deceit when it comes to Lucifer, who was once God’s most exalted angel and seems led the choir of angels, until he got all full of himself and decided he should be God, his way was bette than God’s way.  Any of this sound familiar to us, it should because we have all been there and may go to that place again in life, no matter how spiritual or religious we are.  Lucifer fancies himself quite the clever chap, and in some ways he is, why is that?

A match, that fire, that light can be used for good stuff, cooking, campfire, light candles if there is a power outage, so that light from the the match has good uses.  It can even keep you warm and save your life if you end up lost in the woods, provided you are responsible with it.  However, the Lucifarian  aspect of it is that it can also be used to cause deliberate damage, to harm others.  That light can be good or not so good, depending.  Use of talents etc… or rather misuse is one way Lucifer gets us into a heap of trouble in life.  Another is what we see happening a lot now, which is good is bad, and bad is good.  That’s the lesson of Genesis, that Sin can be wrapped up in a pretty box etc.., can present itself as really exciting etc.., and all kinds of justification found for it, and the good can be made to seem like such a drag, no fun, bigoted etc.. If you move with the secular, go with the flow of the moment, of any and all feelings in the moment, erase all construct of nature, law and order of nature, you are letting loose, freedom, the destructive is made to look like liberation.  Maintaining healthy boundaries, constructs is made to look like prison, everything negative, is mocked.  That flame that can cook etc…now the good uses are now presented as bad and the bad uses as good in a way.  We see this also in media coverage where journalism of “just the facts, true and accurate, vetted ten times over” nah, why bother.  Insuring you don’t destroy lives just to sell papers, for ratings etc…even with false facts is fine, says Lucifer.  The opening of the Embassy in Jerusalem a great example of this.  News outlets who are honest and journalists with integrity reported accurately that the terror group Hamas was inciting protestors along the Gaza border, that for 30000 years Jerusalem was known by all the world to be the Capitol of Israel.  Those who wanted ratings more than truth, who have a hatred of Israel, buy into the lies of Hamas, and the Arab narrative did not portray it that way.  MSN is now left with egg on their face because it turns out it is being directed etc… my Hamas, all the Gaza protest and all that. Pompeo was in Korea when Trump announced what he did, the media, not those who had integrity, had a headline about Pompeo being AWOL.  Turns out he wasn’t that at all, he was in Korea negotiating to the very last moment the release of those three hostages.  In any number of ways, including lifestyle and sexuality, Lucifer is good at getting us to fool ourselves and each other and one way he does it is to convince the world that God and He, thus Sin, Missing the Mark don’t exist.  I find it funny that we don’t seem to grasp that the universe has laws of nature, sometimes they deviate, but those deviations, those harmful deviations are not celebrated, yet as regards lifestyle, our behaviors etc…seems even now in the Faith communities who claim they are of God and Scripture, those deviations from natural law and order are celebrated.  When I say funny, none of it is funny in a good way.  I do believe we can all come to realize we are missing the mark and do a turnaround, and hopefully that will happen more and more, rather than go the opposite direction for the sake of all of us.

Shalom and Amen