How Focused Do I Get?

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The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As I make my journey, I am finding that I made a promise to my someone very dear to me and I also realize that as much as I would like to pretend the Fibromyalgia is not there, it is there, and so I really do have to focus my energies, so what then do I focus them on?  

I have two things I love, the arts and my culture, my Italian culture, and a big part of what encompasses that is Catholicism.  I am working with a wonderful person to revitalize the Shrine Church of the Most Precious Blood and am really enjoying the process of study through the Artist Midrash and in general at Town and Village Synagogue.  Therefore, I have decided that is where I will focus my energies, in those two areas, the arts, creating artistic works that can help bring the church to life and also my work with T &V.  Also, my own recordings that I post on here.  Both these are important and I am realizing especially important to me is keeping the church alive and the culture of my parents, my grandparents, which includes the faith that has been a part of my family, and that at different times has moved me to tears.  Does it theologically resonate with me 100%? Nah, but it still has great value for me and is a part of me, always will be.  I hope to be very focused on this and I may get even more focused and decide after this year to just focus on the arts and the church, we will see, we will see.  What matters is I am listening to my heart, spirit, my soul and they are all in agreement, which is important, very important.  I look forward to keeping you updated as I make this journey and take you along with me.