How Goes My New Habit Adaptation?

Forming New Habits

I spoke about connecting heart, spirit and soul, and that means solid reason based faith, not just emotional based faith and living, a balance of both.  That means knowledge, as it points out here, there should be a 30 day commitment and it should be based on a habit or inclination already existing, a positive one please.  I have always loved to learn about the faith, including through music.  I researched and found a study site for bible study and theology that is solid with a basis of not only scripture, but also a historical and sociological basis.  I have started the online free study and plan to go through the entire program.  Balancing that with a belief in the spiritual gifts, gifts of the spirit, prayer, need for community I will be working to discipline myself to attend communal prayer weekly at a nearby evangelical church, starting this coming week.  I have started the study with Thirdmill, free studies online, a very solid program, and will let you know about my experience with this study program and also with Life Center Church here in my neighborhood, where I also hope to contribute my artistic talents.